Open 2 Study ™ (mElimu) is our innovative digital platform that can empower your students, clients or employees to keep growing and developing – anywhere, anytime.

Accelerate your transition to online learning, supported by Learning Development and Digital Content Experts

With face-to-face restrictions increasing in our daily lives and business operations, more and more, clients are approaching us for advice on how to accelerate their online learning transition. The ask also includes the speedy and efficient development of online learning content.

The truth is, there are myriad online learning platforms to choose from. However, evaluating the platforms out there will be very time consuming and requires of you a new skill that is not often available in-house. Through much trial and error, and resources spent, the option that you choose may also not be suitable.

We provide comprehensive eLearning solutions for higher education, skill development and corporate training space. Open 2 Study ™ (mElimu) tailors turnkey solutions with its customer centric approach to deliver best in-class-learning experience.

 In addition, we would like to get an opportunity to engage with your institution to demonstrate the additional benefits that you can enjoy businesswise including: 

a) Paperless Registration & Enrollment 
b) Learning at OFFLINE or low bandwidth using Mobile 
c) Reduce in Infrastructure and Maintenance Expense 
d) Expansion of business while promoting Continuous Learning 
e) Downscaling Students Attrition rate 
f) Student Help Desk & Complaint Box 
g) Fee Collection Control and Rise in Cash Flow 

We provide full package software & service and not just the LMS software. Our rates are transparent and license includes free support, training, hosting & cloud space . Our cash flow feature brought up with more than 70% positive cash flow mElimu teacher & student mobile apps works 100% offline, users are not dependent on internet capacity or outside the Wi-Fi campus.

mElimu provides not just the LMS, it is a full university solution including 

a. Learning Management System 
b. Offline Mobile Apps for Students 
c. Offline Mobile Apps for Lecturers 
d. Competency-Based Learning 
e. Online Registration & Admission Platform
f. Student Online Services 
g. Alumni Network 
h. E-Commerce to collect fees and payments 
i. Support Blind & Visual Impaired users 
j. Management Dashboard 
k. Smart Attendance System 
l. Virtual Classroom 
m. Full fledge Admin control 

mElimu, a Managed LMS Service company, is successfully resolving the following challenges but not limited to:

  1. Negative Cash flow of colleges due to non submission of fee on time
  2. Unsuccessful in distance education due to limited or no internet at students areas
  3. Unable to upgrade digital learning due to limited infrastructure and expensive internet for students in learning
  4. Using several expensive softwares but are still lacking of users engagement and tracking behaviors
  5. Not yet identified the approach to start competencies based learning and creating learning path for students
  6. Still facing challenges in tracking quality teaching and teachers activities as well as teachers training as on required competencies / skills 
  7. Unable to identify applicants & market behavior for future planning of launching programs in skill development or long term courses       
  8. Expensive and incomprehensible attendance system
  9. Lacking in continuous education and students repetition as well as lacking of Alumni connections   
  10. Paper based registration and screening students with lots of manual and time consuming activities