An Online Examination is the conducting of an examination or test online in order to measure student’s academic performance. Traditionally, these evaluations were conducted orally or through written tests using pen and paper. Students gathered in an examination hall or room where a question paper was handed to students and students had to write answers within the allotted time period. These questions were not seen previously in order to ensure a fair evaluation of all students. Students then turn in their answer sheets and after a period of time, evaluators share student scores. 

With an online examination, all these traditional elements continue to persist, however, the mode of test-taking has changed – instead of a physical examination hall, students instead log into an online examination system through which they access the question paper and share their answers. Evaluation and the publication of results also happen within this system.

Why do we ask Examiners to write their exams by hand, when it is an inescapable fact that modern life is digital? E-assessment is all about learners applying their knowledge and skills to real-world situations. We call it online authentic assessment, and it is both simple and revolutionizing.

The digitization of assessments leads to educational transformation for every examiner and staff member involved.

Exam day is the Examiner’s time to shine! When sitting a digital exam, they enter a paperless flow where assignments and papers are handled with a mere click at a button. In on-screen marking the quality checks are less subject to bias! Digital exams are much more than just putting existing tests online. Examiners can personalize and differentiate learning and exam content for their students!

We know the importance of ‘pedagogy before technology’, and have designed a platform that corresponds to that philosophy.

According to Ishan Kolhatkar, (Director of Group Education Technologies | BPP University), “E-assessment is something our students want. It improves their student experience. And so overall, we know that we have a really compelling case to digitise all of our exams.”

We guarantee safe and secure infrastructure of your e-assessment set up

Identification and communication of the benefits of digital assessment through Artificial Intelligence!

Support and training throughout the transition process

Build real pedagogical impact with a digital assessment platform

Digital assessment is part of offering your students a modern education and letting your test-takers gain the qualifications that ensure a high level of employability. 

Below is a recent (Aug 2020) webinar, where we explaining detail the Online Examination Portal with global speakers who has utilized the platform.